Q.1 Where can I park?

A.There are a number of different car parks in walking distance to the event, but if you intend to arrive in different vehicles, it may make sense to distribute tickets to members of your party in advance.

If you are a disabled Blue Badge holder, there will be allocated bays on the riverside of The Esplanade which are run on a first come first served basis. Should these be full, most of the car parks have assigned bays for blue badge holders. Due to the Esplanade being part of the Fireworks sterile area at the Saturday Concert, these bays will be closed on this day.


Q.2 What time do gates open?

Gates will open at 5pm for shows on Tuesday 11, Wednesday 12, Thursday 13 and Friday 14 July. For the Proms on Saturday, 15 July, gates will open at 3pm. We aim to start the concert between 7pm and 7.30pm each day and end it by 10.30pm. Please note that these times are approximate. Please allow plenty of time to get through the queue, particularly if you need to collect your tickets on the gate.


Q.3 Are there facilities for disabled people?

There will be a ‘drop off’ point on Bakers Walk for disabled customers. If you are a blue badge holder and park on the Esplanade, please use Bakers Walk entrance as the Esplanade entrance has steps.

For viewing purposes there is a raised ramp area next to the mixing tower for any disabled customers who wish use it (on a first come first served basis). Please speak to any of our friendly stewards who will direct you on the night.


Q.4 Can I bring my dog?

No dogs/pets allowed in the castle grounds, except guide dogs. Please also be aware that we may use loud pyrotechnic explosions/displays during the concert.


Q.5 Can I bring my BBQ/fire/candles or lamps?

BBQs, candles, fires, oil filled lamps or garden flares are not permitted. Nor are Chinese floating lanterns.


Q.6 Can I get a taxi to drop me off?

Yes. Ask the taxi to drop you off/pick-up from outside Rochester Corn Exchange, Northgate ME1 1LS which is approx 100yds away.


Q.7 Are there any price concessions?

No. Any persons attending the Castle Concerts must have a valid ticket: this includes children and babies.


Q.8 Can I camp in the grounds?

No. Camping or overnight staying in the grounds is not permitted.


Q.9 Can I bring my own seats?

Reasonably sized collapsible chairs will be allowed into the castle gardens. A limited number of chairs are available on a first come, first served basis. Tables will not be permitted, with the exception of The Proms on Saturday, but these should be of a reasonable size and collapsible.


Q.10 Can I bring bottles/glass?

No. Glass is strictly prohibited from the castle grounds, with the exception of Saturday at The Proms. Cans and plastics are permitted.


Q.11 Will I need a torch?

Paths and car parks lit, but it’s always useful to bring additional lighting.


Q.12 Can I bring my gazebo?

No. Gazebos or any structure that might disrupt the view of others will not be permitted.


Q.13 What happens if I lose my ticket?

If you lose your ticket you will need to purchase it again.


Q.14 Will the concert be cancelled due to bad weather?

No. Unless we are advised by the local authorities.


Q.15 Can I get a refund on my ticket?

No. When you purchase your tickets we will not refund your money. Please read our terms and conditions fully prior to purchasing.


Q.16 Where can I buy my tickets?

You can buy your tickets prior to the day either online on our website, over the phone on 01634 338338 or by visiting the Brook or Central Theatre Box Office in Chatham or The Visitor Information Centre in Rochester, during normal box office opening hours. Please note tickets are available to purchase until the allocated number of tickets have been sold. Due to problems in previous years with Castle Concert tickets going missing in the post, tickets will need to be collected from the Theatre or VIC prior to the event or at the Box Office on the day of the event from 3pm. This is located at the King’s Head car park, adjacent to Rochester High Street.


Q.17 Can I take photographs?

The use of all photographic, visual and audio recording equipment is prohibited within the venue.


Q.18 What catering facilities are available?

You are welcome to bring a picnic, beverages and seating to the event. There will be catering facilities and a bar on site from which you are welcome to purchase drinks and food.


Q.19 Will any of the roads be closed?

Castle Hill and Epaul Lane will be closed between 1500hrs and 2330hrs each day. Boley Hill may be closed during busy periods due to people coming to and leaving the event.


Q.20 Where are the toilets?

Additional toilets will be located by the Bakers Walk entrance and along Castle Hill, within the venue. If there is a long queue please ask one of our stewards who can advise where the least busy ones are!


Q.21 Where is the first aid area?

A first aid tent will be located by Bakers Walk. Stewards will be able to direct all patrons to the nearest medical staff.


Q.22 Will Strobe lighting be used?

Strobe lighting may be used during some performances.


Q.23 What is the dress code?

Wednesday – Friday the dress code is casual but we do ask that you keep chests covered up. Saturday you are encouraged to enjoy the Best of British atmosphere that The Proms Castle Concert is famed for. Get into the spirit by dressing appropriately, be it a tux and tie, ball gown or just a union flag hat! You will be able to purchase British flags as well as other merchandise at the event.


Q.24 If I leave, can I get back in?

Yes. Upon entry you will be issued with a wristband and this will allow you to exit and re-enter as many times as you wish. Make sure you keep your wristband on at all times as any that have been taken off will void re-entry.


Q.25 Can I bring alcohol?

Yes. Reasonable quantities of alcohol for personal consumption will be allowed into the venue at the sole discretion of the venue management. Anything deemed as excessive will not be permitted into the venue.


Further Information:

    1. Tickets and bags will be checked on entry for security purposes and your purchase of tickets gives your consent to this taking place by authorised personnel. Any glass and dangerous items will be removed from baggage.
    2. Please note that The Proms on Saturday night includes a fireworks display which will shut the footpath exit by the Esplanade steps and a section of the Esplanade for safety reasons whilst this is on, and during the time it is checked afterwards. Customers wishing to exit prior to the fireworks should use the main gate. Customers parked on the Esplanade may wish to leave before they start at approximately10pm or wait until they have finished at approx 10.20pm.
    3. Our website - www.thecastleconcerts.co.uk, Facebook and Twitter page will be updated regularly with further useful information on the event. Please continue to check these to keep up to date.
    4. For directions for the Castle Concerts, please click here.